A message to the Hungarian Nation: Poland stands with Hungary! #IPPTV

A message to the Hungarian Nation

We, free Poles gathered around the November 11 Movement – the only anti-communist and Bible-based political party in the history of Poland, would like to express our full support for the pro-independence aspirations of the Hungarian nation. We would like to voice particular support for Victor Orbán’s government. It is currently facing attacks from the European Union and the United Nations. The attacks are aiming at forcing Hungary to accept immigrants and to guarantee freedom for the so-called non-government organizations willing to destroy both Christian and national foundations of Hungary.

On behalf of November 11 Movement
Pastor Paweł Chojecki
Andrzej Turczyn

We’re promoting the #MuremZaWęgrami (Firmly Behind Hungary) action in the social media. Join us!

Promujemy akcję #MuremZaWęgrami w mediach społecznościowych! Dołączajcie!…

Opublikowany przez Ruch 11 Listopada Piątek, 14 września 2018