November 11 Movement supports Taiwan’s independence aspirations

Coming up to the 100th independence anniversary of Poland, we would like to express our support of Taiwan’s aspirations towards independence.

Poles fully understand what occupation and enslavement mean. Numerous times through many centuries, our country has been invaded and occupied by neighboring countries. We are also fully aware what communism and socialism are, and of how they have ruled Poland for over half a century now.

In light of this knowledge, November 11 Movement fully supports Taiwanese people’s right to self-determination and independence! We firmly oppose Communist China’s imperialism. Many times in the past our ancestors have fought “In the name of God, for our freedom and yours.” That’s why we call all freedom-loving Poles: follow their footsteps – stand for independence and freedom!

November 11 Movement
Michał Fałek, chairman
Pastor Paweł Chojecki, vice-chairman
Andrzej Turczyn, vice-chairman