About Us

November 11 Movement is the first truly anti-communist, biblically founded political party in Poland’s history.

Countries based on biblical values have always provided the biggest space for freedom throughout the human civilization (see the USA). The values, which we get from our Christian civilization, guarantee equal treatment of all of our country’s citizens, regardless of their faith or worldview.

Even during the 16th century, Poland was the greatest country under the heavens and the biggest one in Europe. The Muslim world and Russian tsar were shaking at the sight of our army, as the news of the annihilation of the Germanic superpower under Grunwald still resonated in Western Europe. Our ancestors built the greatest product of the Christian civilization – a Christian Republic, which guaranteed its citizens freedom of conscience and faith. We were a freedom oasis and a superpower, to which all oppressed people of Europe and Asia used to pilgrimage for safety.

Our republic, known as Rzeczpospolita (Zhech-pos-politah), became a second home for many prosecuted nations and religions. We have hosted Armenians from the far east, Tatars, the Scottish, the Dutch, and many others. The Jews called Poland „paradis Judaeorum” („heaven for Jews”, the first one to use this term was 16th century Rabbi from Krakow – Moses Isserles). 16th century was called the Golden Age, due to the unprecedented development and growth. 

November 11 Movement sets its grounds on the traditions of the 1st Rzeczpospolita. We want Poland to be once more a country of citizens’ freedoms, as well as a country of the rule of law. A country that is friendly to everyone who cares about common good and wants to build our fatherland together. On the other hand, we want Poland to be a nation that is capable to defend itself from aggression coming from foreign nations, as well as foreign cultures which want to take away our freedoms and destroy our civilization.

Fighting with communism is top priority for November 11 Movement. Russian spying activity, invasion of Georgia and Ukraine, Chinese communist propaganda and lobbying, attempting to embroil Poland into One Belt One Road initiative, are all a clear indication that communism is still a threat to Poland.

We want Poland to become a strong country on the international arena. Therefore, our politics are directed towards tightening the Polish-American relationship. Our aim is a close reciprocal civilizational, political, economic and military alliance.

One of our goals is the protection of our God-given rights, especially the right for life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and the right to keep and bear arms. We believe that our rights have been given to us by the Creator and government’s role is to make sure that Poles are able to fully enjoy those rights. 

Every person, irrespective of their religion and nationality, who shares our hope of such a Poland and Christian civilizational values, even if he is not a Christian, will find a place in our project of building our great Republic. A place in November 11 Movement.

History teaches us that only biblical Christians were able to build permanent nations, which serve as a sanctuary for all honest people and give them the freedom to choose their path in life. The key role of Christians in those republics is not in being a threat to atheists or people of other faiths, but to guarantee the preservation of their freedoms. All attempts of creating republics founded on atheism have led to genocide. The choice is therefore simple…

Leaders of November 11 Movement:

Michał Fałek – Engineer, entrepreneur, biblical Christian, political commentator, husband and father, sport shooter, organizer of Go Against the Tide clubs.






Paweł Chojecki – former atheist, currently pastor of a biblical conservative church in Lublin, activist, public speaker and commentator, who uniquely connects the gospel and biblical teachings with current political events.




Andrzej Turczyn – lawyer, president of Gun Fans Citizen Movement (or ROMB in Polish, equivalent of NRA or GOA), through many years has been involved in rebirth of firearm possession culture among Poles.